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Glass partitions: Chic option for office and homes

31 January 2023


Glass partitions: Chic option for office and homes

Now more than ever, it’s possible to combine simplicity and style. Modern design already has a strong foundation in lightness, unobtrusive lines, simplicity, and high-tech outlines. These ideas apply to both residential spaces such as apartments and commercial spaces such as offices. In order to maintain this design, it’s critical to pay close attention to the materials utilized as well as the appropriate color scheme.

Glass divider

Glass is a distinctive and unique material that not everyone is brave enough to use within the building, despite how many benefits it offers! We’re prepared to dispel the most widespread myths concerning glass partitions.

Myth 1: Glass is a brittle, easily breakable material. Glass room partitions are unstable.

It’s a common misconception that glass used in rooms and glass used to make glasses are identical.

Both the glass partition walls and doors are of the utmost quality and are created in accordance with modern manufacturing techniques. Such glass has a 6 or 7 times greater strength than typical glass.

Myth 2: Glass is an unworkable material that requires more frequent washing.

Another error related to our traditional sense of glass. The surface of contemporary glass room dividers is smooth. Resistance to various stains and filth is one of the key benefits. Contaminant removal is also made simpler. Use a microfiber towel to quickly clean.

Myth 3: Light is distorted by glass.

Another inaccurate and doubtful thinking. Glass effectively transmits sunlight, making the area luminous. The interior becomes more hidden and the room becomes darker if the walls are built of hard, rough materials.

Myth 4: Glass partitions cost more. They are expensive to install.

Glass is more commercially profitable when seen from a financial perspective. A bonus is the cost-saving, streamlined installation process.

Myth 5: Glass doors and walls are harder to install.

You can immediately dispel the myth about how difficult the installation is based on the last paragraph. People can frequently install them on their own without training because installation doesn’t need lots of materials.

Myth 6: Glass transmits sound, though.

This is another delusion. The building’s glass office cubicles allow for the creation of distinct soundproof zones. These zones are not closed, do not create walls, and do not restrict space because of the unique quality of transparency that glass possesses. This is a brilliant idea for an office solution. Bosses prefer this solution since it solves the issue of excessive noise and increases productivity.

Glass partition walls for homes are equally relevant and have their own unique uses and benefits, as are glass office wall partitions.

Glass bathroom partition

Unexpectedly, the bathroom is the location where glass partitions are used the most frequently. Glass shower cubicles are very fashionable. It’s difficult to picture a contemporary apartment without this unique element. But why is this being preferred so actively by everyone?

1) It fully satisfies the primary functional goal.

The bathroom’s bathing section is divided from the dry area by a glass partition. By doing this, you can keep the bathroom space clean, spotless, dry, and prevent moisture from spreading around. This avoids the problem of bacteria and fungi spreading, surviving repairs over time. Slipping on wet floors is another very common occurrence. This problem is also now resolved.

2) Simple cleanup

Glass is especially well-designed to be used in homes or flats. At least twice a day, one apartment resident uses the shower cabin. Just consider the suffering that would result from using cheap or ordinary glass. The glass that we offer has an especially smooth outer layer and has been cleaned to make it as easy as possible to clean off dirt.

3) Flexibility

You can comfortably transform glass dividers thanks to their easy installation! It is always feasible to switch out the glass or transfer it in a different way.

4) Beautiful to the eye

Obviously, the aesthetic part is significant. Doesn’t everyone desire to have a stunning bathroom? Every home and apartment’s calling card is its bathroom. It exhibits the cleanliness and sense of style of the owner. We are especially delighted when comfort and beauty go hand in hand!

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